Mission World Peace

A Peaceful Movement for the Revolution of Peace

0. Road Map


 All You need to Know about Mission World Peace

Strengthening Democracy : Simultaneous Election System with "The Right to Recall" Facility


3.1) One Nation. One Person. One Smart Card. (UIDAI's Individual Smart Card).
3.2) One Nation. One Person. One Portal. One e-Account (National Portal).
3.3) One Nation. One Organization. One Smart Card. One Web Portal. (Corporate Smart Card and Corporate Portal).
3.4) One Nation. One Tax.
3.5) One Nation. One Law.
3.6) One Nation. One Language.
3.7) Fast Track Courts.
3.8) Regional Disputes.
3.9) Community Complexes (Centralized Service Center).
3.10) Digital Security.


4.1) Bosom Buddy Crew
4.2) Farmers
4.3) Digital Transactions
4.4) Education System
4.5) Engineering Education System in India
4.6) Women Empowerment
4.7) Health and Hospitals
4.8) Population
4.9) Home For All
4.10) Specially Challenged
4.11) Malnutrition
4.12) Pure Drinking Water
4.13) One Person. One Tree
4.14) Technological Unemployment
4.15) Vedic Mining
4.16) Public Libraries
4.17) Swach Bharat
4.18) Working Culture
4.19) National CETs
4.20) PublicEducation.gov.in
4.21) Rural Development
4.22) Castes Subcastes Religions SubReligions
4.23) Reservation System
4.24) Sports
4.25) Work From Rail & Jail
4.26) States Districts Tehsils
4.27) Tourism
4.28) Pollution
4.29) Traffic
4.30) Accidents
4.31) Political Parties, Digital Campaign and Contesting
4.32) Family Structures
4.33) How IT MNCs will help Society
4.34) Orphanage
4.35) National News Letter
4.36) Indigenous Make In India Digital India
4.37) StartUp India
4.38) Uncivilized Behavior
4.39) Miscellaneous
And Many More to Come....

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